Zone d’activités Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (30)

Description de la zone

On the edge of the A7 and A9 motorways leading to Spain, Italy and Central Europe, this business park is part of the Laudun-L'Ardoise sector and its industrial-port complex. Its strategic location, at the intersection of the Rhone corridor and the Mediterranean arc, places it at the crossroads of Mediterranean maritime trade flows.

Location : Laudun L’ardoise

Surface totale (en Ha) : 120

available area (in ha) : 15

Number of companies : 2

Number of jobs (industrial): : 311

Main companies : FM Logistique, Ferropem

Équipements et services

Information to come.


Information to come.


Information to come.

Immobilier d’entreprise

Information to come.

Strengths of the territory

Port l’Ardoise Nord avec son offre trimodale et ses accès par le ferroviaire, routier et fluvial, bassin industriel du Gard rhodanien. Zonage AFR.

Regional accompaniment

The Occitanie Region has implemented a set of programmes to help businesses.

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