Setting up in Occitanie

Thanks to its enviable geographical position and territorial resources, Occitanie nurtures development in numerous sectors. This dynamic strengthens the territory’s position on the national level, with the creation of more than 52,500 companies* and the arrival of 53,000 people every year in the region.

* 4th national rank in 2016


Les filières



An emblematic sector on the territory, representing 40% of regional industrial employment.
3 world headquarters of aircraft manufacturers: Airbus, ATR and Daher.
1 global competitive cluster (Aeronautics, Space, Embedded Systems): Aerospace Valley.

All aeronautical related skills can be found in Occitanie: design offices, machining, boiler making, hard metals, composites, assembly, interior fittings, maintenance, tests and trials, deconstruction...

  • 1,100 companies - 86,000 employees for the aerospace sector
  • World leader in civil aircraft of over 100 seats and turboprops
  • 75% of French engineers are trained in Occitanie


These leading sectors of the regional economy occupy half of the territory.
Le premier employeur régional, génère 13,7 milliards de chiffre d’affaires, et représente plus de 7 000 entreprises dans les industries agroalimentaires sur le territoire soit 18,5% de l’emploi industriel à l’échelle régionale.
With more than 250 products under the official quality sign, Occitanie is the national leader in quality labelled produce.

  • 1st vineyard in the world in surface area for appellation wines (87 appellations)
  • 1st agricultural region of France in surface area
  • 1st organic region in the number of holdings
  • 2nd for meat production
  • 2nd French fishing fleet (more than 750 boats)
  • 2nd for fruit and vegetable production


L’Occitanie regroupe des compétences locales sur les 4 modes de transport avec la présence des plus grands transporteurs routiers et logisticiens. Un bon positionnement sur le ferroviaire et les transports longues distances avec l’ensemble des métiers représentés (du fractionnaire à l’opérateur ferroviaire de proximité).

A coastal territory, with 220 km of coastline providing a gateway to all countries on the Mediterranean basin (European, North African or Middle Eastern) justifying the presence of a large number of actors in this sector from shipowners, to handlers and freight forwarders.

Air transport, including Toulouse-Blagnac airport (2nd French rank for Freight) grouping express, charter and traditional freight. Montpellier airport also includes several players in the sector with operators, handlers or freight forwarders.

A strategic location in the heart of Southern Europe, a springboard to Mediterranean markets with:

  • 10 airports including 3 international airports: Toulouse, Tarbes and Montpellier
  • 1 optimised motorway network
  • 4 autoroutes ferroviaires
  • 3 commercial ports and 5 fishing ports
  • 3 river ports and the Rhône-Sète canal

Occitanie / Pyrenees-Méditérranée region

Business support

As a driving force in economic development, the Occitanie/Pyrenees-Méditérranée Region has implemented a set of programmes to help businesses. These programmes cover needs specific to each project: business creation, support for start-ups, innovation, growth, transmission-recovery, export, local economy, collective approaches and companies in difficulty. The Region has also implemented operational rules for real estate, allowing it to intervene alongside local authorities.

Services proposed

Programmes adapted to the company profile and the nature of their investments.

The simplified, fast track Pass Occitanie programme aims to support smaller projects (<€40,000) for SMEs.

Other projects, exceeding €40,000, are the subject of strategic and targeted support through the "Occitanie Contracts" which target medium, intermediate and sometimes large companies.

In addition to direct aid, through the Fund for Support to Territorial Enterprises (FOSTER TPE-PME), the Region mobilizes Regional and European funds to support local businesses, smallholdings and forestry structures in their development projects. This fund, which is unique in Europe in scope, target and its strong leverage effects, offers new financing solutions by deploying tools such as guarantees, loans to innovative companies and strengthening the equity of high potential companies.

Personalized support throughout Occitanie

Les « Maisons de la Région » et les antennes territoriales de l’agence régionale du développement économique AD’OCC accompagnent également les entreprises :

  • premier accueil
  • information
  • suscitation des projets
  • mises en relation et accompagnement aussi bien généraliste que spécialisé
  • orientation vers les dispositifs européens, nationaux et régionaux pertinents
  • help with administrative preparation

Are you interested in one or more programmes offered by the Region?

You will find all the eligibility criteria and financing methods on the la Région Occitanie dans la rubrique « Aides et Appels à projets – Développement économique ».